My name is Natalie and I thank you for checking out my blog!

From the time I was a little kid, I simply loved decorating.  I was constantly moving my bedroom around.  I watched home improvement shows, flipped through design magazines and longed for the day when I could have my own space, that was completely mine to decorate.  I realize now, that wasn't the normal 10 year old!  But it was just always something I truly loved.  

I've always been a creative soul.  I love making something by hand.  I've tried out so many different way to express my creativity and realize my favourite canvas will always be my home.  

I've never had a big budget to work with, so my diy brain has always had to step up.  Get creative with projects, save money where I can and the results are all the more satisfying because of it.

I've had a home blog in the past, I've staged homes for realtors, helped out friends, sold a home decor line, ran a successful photography business, renovated several homes from top to bottom, built a house, working as the general contractor, and started E-designing for clients now.  It's my thing.  I love it.

So follow along, as I paint, rearrange and diy my 1990 suburban home into a breezy, bright and airy home.  

If you like what you see, but need a little help, contact me for E-DESIGN!  

The name "THREE SAILS" was inspired by my three kiddos!  They're my driving force for creating a beautiful and happy home.  Therefore my sails!  I also happen to love anything that has a nod to the beach, so I thought it was fitting.  My old blog was called "Beach House in the City".  Although it's still a fairly accurate depiction of my favourite type of home, I decided it was a bit limiting, so the name switch was born!