I wanted to quickly introduce you to a fun project I took on last spring!  We like camping but didn't want to spend a bunch of money on a trailer that we'd only use a couple times/year.  So, we started looking at older ones that I could just give a facelift too.  There were others who I stumbled across on Pinterest or Instagram that had done so and I was so very inspired!  

My dad knew I was looking for one and so he was keeping his eye open too.  One day he called me and said he had found one.  I told him I trusted him, our max budget, and that he could pick it up and I'd take it from there.  So that was that.  We became the proud owners of the stinkiest, nastiest, 1979 24 ft Kustom Koach trailer!

I wasn't blogging at the time, so I started a little instagram account to document my renovation process, diy's and timeline.  I gave myself about 5 weeks to finish it to the point where we could use it for the summer.  

Through instagram, I discovered a huge community of like minded people, renovating and refurbishing their own trailers.  I loved the dialogue it created.  It was so much fun to follow people's process and for them to follow mine.

So, since I started up a new blog, I thought it would be a fun project to share on here as it's loaded with affordable diy's and tips that can be used in your own home, or trailer!

We named her Trixie!

Here's a couple shots of her nasty before and her prettier "after"

One side of her,


Here's the other side:


We live in Alberta.  So I worked on her last June and then chose to not finish a few details and actually enjoy our short lived teeny tiny summer.  This spring, I plan on finishing a few little items, and she'll be ready for another summer of fun in the sun!

I'll share more of the process at another time of how we took this little trailer from the worst of the 70's to the bright and airy vibes of Palm Springs!  (at least that was what I was going for!)